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The SDK is a .NET C# implementation of the FlexC/FleXML protocol, adhering to the official protocol specifications by ACRE/Vanderbilt. It is distributed as pure C# source code and encompasses the fundamental FlexC functionality, along with a selection of frequently used FleXML commands. Notably, this SDK is highly extensible, making it a strong foundation for developing third-party applications tailored to specific needs and requirements.

Visual Studio Solution

The SDK is provided as a Visual Studio 2019 Solution compatible with .NET Core 3.1. It comprises the following components:

  • FlexCLibrary. This component contains the FlexC Stack and a TCP/IP socket wrapper designed for local network communication with an SPC Panel.
  • FleXmlLibrary. Within this module, you'll find classes that handle the most common FleXML commands. It's easy to extend this library with additional commands as needed.
  • DemoAppBasic. This is a console application that serves as a practical demonstration of how to create a simple FlexC client. It showcases how to establish communication with an SPC Panel, monitor SPC Events, request Panel data, and issue commands to control the Panel.

SPC FlexC SDK is exclusively available to approved integration partners of ACRE/Vanderbilt Industries.

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