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SPC FlexC Assistance

Lundix IT has been a leading specialist in SPC integration products and solutions since 2013, establishing our expertise in Vanderbilt FlexC and EDP communication. Beyond our standard offerings, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions to address specific needs.

To facilitate the seamless integration of third-party systems, we’ve developed the SPC Flex Gateway, a software module that transforms the Vanderbilt FlexC protocol into a REST/Websockets API. By harnessing our API, you can effortlessly and cost-effectively achieve SPC integration with various systems, such as BMS or VMS, without the need for an ACRE/Vanderbilt partnership.

If you prefer to undertake your own FlexC communication implementation, we offer the SPC FlexC SDK along with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process. The FlexC SDK is written in C# and is available as source code.

Lundix’s range of integration products and solutions opens up boundless possibilities. For inspiration and a glimpse of what’s achievable, please visit our inspiration page.

Should you have specific needs and requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us at We are confident in our ability to identify the ideal solution for your unique situation.

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