SPC Gateway integrates Siemens/Vanderbilt SPC Intrunet System with Home and Building Automation Systems

SPC Gateway is providing a generic open interface to Vanderbilt SPC panels. The interface will simplify SPC integration with third party applications and products such as Home and Building Automation Systems, Smartphone Apps and Web applications.

If you are interested in integration of SPC with specific protocols, e.g. KNX, BACnet, OPC UA, EnOcean, DALI, Profibus, please contact us for further information.

The SPC Gateway is available both as a hardware device, SPC Gateway Box, with all features preinstalled or as a software package, SPC Web Gateway, for Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu.

The SPC Gateway Box contains a lot of useful addon features to SPC Panel:

  • SPC Panel Communication (EDP Protocol)
  • Alarm and event notifications via email, NMA (Android) and Prowl (iOS)
  • Support for Siemens App SPCanywhere, even after upgrading the SPC panel firmware to 3.6+. Supports also SPCanywhere on iOS9 and SPC FW3.4.X.
  • Status mirroring to Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Generic REST, Websocket and MQTT API. Can be used for integration with most third party systemes
  • Support for I/O hardwired to the device
  • Web based Admin GUI and ssh for advanced users

For more information please follow the links below.