Integration of Vanderbilt SPC Intrusion System with Home and Building Automation Systems

As a Vanderbilt technical partner, Lundix IT has developed a portfolio of products for integration of Vanderbilt SPC intrusion system with third-party systems and products. The integration products supports both the EDP and FlexC protocol and provides open API’s as REST API, Websockets, and MQTT for easy integration of e.g Home and Building automation systems, Smartphone Apps and Web applications

If you are interested in integration of SPC with specific protocols, e.g. KNX, Modbus, OPC UA, EnOcean, DALI, Profibus, please contact us for further information.

SPC SmartBox

The SPC SmartBox is a flexible Home/Building controller for integration of SPC, Z-Wave and KNX-devices.

Main features:

  • Z-Wave Plus support
  • KNX support (via Weinzierl BAOS protocol)
  • Status from SPC, Z-Wave and KNX can be used as scene triggers and conditions
  • Triggers and conditions can be based on System time and Sunrise/Sunset time
  • Control of SPC outputs and Z-Wave and KNX actuators
  • Reading values from Z-Wave and KNX sensors
  • Push Notifications (Email, Pushover)
  • Powerful Scene Engine
  • Very easy to use web based Scene Editor
  • Web based Admin GUI
  • Web based Dashboard and editor

SPC SmartBox Product Sheet
SPC SmartBox User Manual
SPC SmartBox Home Page

SPC Gateway Box

SPC Gateway Box is a network device that provides:

  • SPC Panel Communication (EDP Protocol)
  • Alarm and status notifications via mail, Notify My Android (NMA) and Prow
  • Status mirroring to Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Status publishing on MQTT bus (Mosquitto)
  • Generic REST and Websocket API
  • Web based Admin GUI

SPC Gateway Box User manual

SPC Bridge

SPC Bridge is a network hub that converts Vanderbilt IP protocol FlexC to a REST/Websockets API that is easy to use for integration with other platforms and products, e.g Homey and Control4. It provides:

  • SPC Panel Communication (FlexC Protocol)
  • Generic REST and Websocket API
  • Web based Admin GUI

SPC Bridge User Manual

SPC Web Gateway

SPC Web Gateway is a software product that converts Vanderbilt EDP protocol to a REST and Websockets API, that can be used for integration with any third party product. This product is mainly for DIY users, but could also be of interest for partners that are interested of a very quick and easy integration with the SPC-system without having to implement the EDP-protocol themselves. The software is available in binary form for Ubuntu X86/64 and Raspberry Pi.

SPC Web Gateway Specification
SPC Web Gateway Installation Guide